And the Gay Pride Parade

Bartender on smoke break: "I guess the rules don't apply to them."
Cook on smoke break: "who?"
Bartender: "that cop who just sped down the street and ran the red light."
Cook: "oh. I wasn't paying attention. Cops do what they want. They just don't give a fuck."
Fat, drunk redneck who has been sitting nearby, smoking: "cops shot my cousin in the leg. Shot him four times in the belly. He's got a bullet lodged in his spine. He's up in prison now on disability."
bartender tosses cigarette and goes inside.
Cook: "did that happen here in town?"
Redneck: "yeah, he was one of them what got shot at the parade (unintelligible) just watching the parade."
Cook, finishing cigarette:"okay, I gotta go back to work now. Stay away from cops."

Patio of Blue Nile restaurant/bar, Harrisonburg, VA