Dude: So you gonna give me some fuckin’ mon­ey? Give me some fuckin mon­ey! I don’t have two quar­ters to rub to­geth­er; I can’t
even call my wife. Give me some fuckin’ mon­ey!
Lawyer man: I’m not go­ing to give you any mon­ey.
Dude: Give me some fuckin’ mon­ey! You are my sis­ter! I have no mon­ey!
Woman: I’m not giv­ing you any mon­ey when you are act­ing like a crim­i­nal.
Restau­rant guy: Sir, you need to calm down or I will have to call the po­lice.
Dude: Don’t tell me what to fuck­ing do. I just got out of Rik­ers Is­land!
Restau­rant guy: Well sir, do you want to go back there? You need to leave or take the con­ver­sa­tion out­side.

–Pas­ta Lovers, Kew Gar­dens

Over­heard by: Aman­da