Tourist: Is this 49th Street? Oh no, I think we’re at Times Square!

–Up­town R Train at Union Square

Over­heard by: Limey

La­dy on cell: I’m on the cor­ner by the trash can and the lamp.

–Union Square

Man on cell: Wait, I’m on 4th and Broadway…Hey wait, are you me? Who are you?

–4th and Broad­way

Guy on cell: Ey! Eeeey! What, like you can’t SEE me? I’m up heeeeh, wav­ing my arms like an in­grate!

–Shea Sta­di­um, up­per deck

Over­heard by: In­field Fly

Guy on cell: Yeah I’m here in the NYU park. We are gonna talk about feng shui. Not your feng shui, my feng shui.

–wash­ing­ton square park

Over­heard by: ak

Guy on cell: I can see a big build­ing, can you see a big build­ing where you are?

–Uni­ver­si­ty and 8th Street