Man in Who shirt: Whoa! I did­n’t see that shirt! That’s a cool one!
Man with French ac­cent: Oh, yeah, I got this one at the show in France.
Man in Who shirt: Were they scream­ing as loud as we were tonight?
Man with French ac­cent: No, we put our hands over our heads and snap our fin­gers and say ‘Ooh-la-la.‘
His wife: What’d you have to do that for? You don’t have to fuck around with every­one on the street!
Man with French ac­cent, now speak­ing in Brook­lyn ac­cent: What’s the fun of wear­ing a fake, five-dol­lar Chi­na­town Who shirt if I’m not gonna make fun of those ass­holes in the process?

–Piz­za shop out­side MSG af­ter the Who show