Man on cell: I had never used a dildo before, you know? It’s just never come up, I guess. So I think, ‘Okay, I’m not that young anymore — I’ll take what I can get…’ and it was going fine, but then I didn’t know you’re not supposed to shove it in that fast… –14th St & 3rd Ave Overheard by: Peter L Dude on cell: Why would I get the pink one? It’s not a dildo, it’s a back massager from Duane Reade. –Christopher & 7th Girl: I’ve got my Reisens and my vibrator, and I’m all set! –Duane Reade, Montague & Court, Brooklyn Young woman turning to male friend: So, bud, conquered any good buttplugs lately? –6 train Girl whispering: I think that girl in line behind me just read this text about rubber pussy cups! –Victoria’s Secret dressing room 20-something guy to pals at brunch: I’m tired of being the guy with all the good sex toys! –56th & 9th