Conductor: Attention, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a slight delay due to reports of somebody smoking crack… and other stuff… on the back of the train. –Church Ave Overheard by: Katie & Jaime Teen girl, to older woman: You ‘posed to eat. Ain’t ‘posed to smoke no rock! –Classon & DeKalb Queer in RA’s office: Now, when we got there they were selling hash brownies and weed muffins — we were in Amsterdam — and everyone else was trying some, so I figured I would, too. Then we went to the Anne Frank Museum, and of course that’s when they started kicking in… –Fordham University, Lincoln Center Overheard by: Wishes he heard the rest of the story Man on cell: I know, but then they started smoking crack on stage. –10th St & Stuyvesant Guy on cell: I’m at Stuy High… Whaddya mean ya don’t know what that is?! Gotta know where the weed’s at! –Near Stuyvesant High Man to concerned woman: Don’t think of it as buying weed from a drug dealer. Think of it as supporting a cottage industry. –Christopher & Bleecker Overheard by: amused priest