Girl to friend: That’s because my heart is filled with hate and yours is filled with kittens. –Something Else, Park Slope Overheard by: jayloo White guy: Well, if Kate* was my soulmate I wouldn’t hate having sex with her so much. –W 57th & 11th Well-dressed man to self, after making meowing noises: I hate my ex, I hate that fucking bitch! I’m going to stick a tennis ball in her muffler! –Bleecker & Broadway Teen girl to friends: And she, like, gave me an 88%. I can’t fucking believe her! I can’t even hate her, right? If she’d just failed me like usual, I could hate her. But she gave me a freaking 88%. –Astoria-Bound N Train Overheard by: Ben Sad 30-something: My boyfriend’s mother hates me. She hates me because I’m out of work … And I shoot up in her house. –7th Ave & 9th street, Park Slope Drunk angry girl on cell: Answer the damn phone, you bastard! Answer the phone! I hate you! I love you! Call me. –Port Washington Train