Guy on cell: I guess you’d rather spend time with your cat than me. That’s cool.

–Brook­lyn Heights

Thug to girl call­ing for cat: You lost your cat, ba­by? Shit, this is Brook­lyn, there’s so many street cats out here they prob­a­bly ate your cat.

–Franklin & Clas­son, Prospect Heights Brook­lyn

Teen, talk­ing about gui­tars: You can nev­er have too many. They’re like cats.

–17th & 8th

Girl on cell: Yeah, I want one too, but we should start with a cat and see how that is. You know, play it by ear.

–86th & Lex­ing­ton

Over­heard by: Is that how it works?

Girl: If I looked like a cat’s poop hole I’d still want to be loved… and eat­en.