College girl to her boyfriend: Yeah, but you always make sexual advances on my roommates.

–Lincoln Center

Serious student: Yeah, well, I really don’t want to talk about my roommate’s penis anymore.

–LaGuardia & Washington Square South

Chick to friend: It’s not about the toilet paper, his roommate only used baby wipes.

–Spring St & Mott St

Overheard by: Nick Caylor

NYU kid on cell: I’m still hoping to live in housing next year unless my roommates find out that I got arrested.

–Mercer & Waverly

Young suit into cell: You pissed on my toothbrush!? What the fuck? Fine, I’ll get you a new pouffe… Fuck you! Pink or purple? Just get me a new toothbrush! You know what kind! Always, right? The blue ones or the yellow ones? Well, did you get your period or no? Okay… Okay… fine… fine… fine! Look, I’ll be home around seven, okay? (yelling) I don’t care who you’re fucking, it’s your turn to cook! Right, fine, talk later, okay? (hangs up, to very attractive female companion) She’s really just my roommate…

–82nd & Lexington