Col­lege girl to her boyfriend: Yeah, but you al­ways make sex­u­al ad­vances on my room­mates.

–Lin­coln Cen­ter

Se­ri­ous stu­dent: Yeah, well, I re­al­ly don’t want to talk about my room­mate’s pe­nis any­more.

–La­Guardia & Wash­ing­ton Square South

Chick to friend: It’s not about the toi­let pa­per, his room­mate on­ly used ba­by wipes.

–Spring St & Mott St

Over­heard by: Nick Cay­lor

NYU kid on cell: I’m still hop­ing to live in hous­ing next year un­less my room­mates find out that I got ar­rest­ed.

–Mer­cer & Wa­ver­ly

Young suit in­to cell: You pissed on my tooth­brush!? What the fuck? Fine, I’ll get you a new pouffe… Fuck you! Pink or pur­ple? Just get me a new tooth­brush! You know what kind! Al­ways, right? The blue ones or the yel­low ones? Well, did you get your pe­ri­od or no? Okay… Okay… fine… fine… fine! Look, I’ll be home around sev­en, okay? (yelling) I don’t care who you’re fuck­ing, it’s your turn to cook! Right, fine, talk lat­er, okay? (hangs up, to very at­trac­tive fe­male com­pan­ion) She’s re­al­ly just my room­mate…

–82nd & Lex­ing­ton