20-something girl #1: I’ve been so sick today.
20-something girl #2: Oh no! Why?
20-something girl #1: Must have been those two squash and spaghetti sandwiches I ate yesterday.
20-something girl #2: Oh, right!
(momentary pause)
20-something girl #1: So, have you ever been pregnant?

–Ladies Room, Vento Trattoria

Headline by: Alex

· “It’s The Perfect Way to Justify My Incredibly Bizarre Eating Habits” — Caitlin
· “It’s Usually the After Dinner Drinks That Get Me Pregnant.” — Bud
· “No, But Sometimes I Pretend to Be So People Don’t Mock My Food Choices” — o k
· “So Began the Story Of the Immaculate Conception Of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” — Jared
· “The Day Peggy Learned Squash-and-Spaghetti-Sandwich Contraception Is a Myth” — Steve
· “The Shift in Topic Was So Jarring, Tina Had to Be Hospitalized.” — Sam
· “They Don’t Call Me “Subtle Stacy” for Nothing” — fresca

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