Guy #1: There are grown men who get with, like, 12-year-old girls. It’s sick.
Guy #2: It’s not sick, it’s awe­some!

–39th & 7th

Head­line by: Chris

· “An­oth­er Un­der­cov­er Cop Pass­es the R Kel­ly ‘New Friend’ Test” — Bass­man­bish
· “Fe­tal At­trac­tion” — Jonathan
· “Hen­ry Re­grets Nam­ing His Daugh­ter Loli­ta” — Va­syl
· “In Prison, Greg Still Could­n’t Un­der­stand How the Sting Op­er­a­tion Worked.” — not im­pressed
· “Those Girls Are Con­sid­ered 16 in Chi­na…” — David M
· “Wel­come to Thai­land” — the Sex tour op­er­a­tor

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