Angry man on cell: I need a friend in my life! Do you hear me?! …I don't care! I'm not leaving my wife for anyone! –Roosevelt Ave, Flushing Overheard by: oh, you thought my ipod was on Girl to friend: Tomorrow I'm finally unpacking and I'm buying a new sundress to wear on Sunday when I go out to brunch with my new love interest. But he doesn't know that's the direction our friendship is headed. –Starbucks Overheard by: A. Pincus Older woman with teased black hair on cell: But Frank, I don't want you to write a song about me. I want things to be as they were, friends when we were normal. Don't write me a song. –Staten Island Ferry Girl to friend: Well, I'm friends with him too and I didn't sleep with him. –Shake Shack, Union Square Girl to friend: I'm willing to let you sleep with my best friend and you still want more? –W 31 & 6th Overheard by: misery Angry woman on cell: And then he told this complete stranger, "My ex-wife had lesbian lovers! My ex-wife slept with young boys!" We've been divorced for six years and he's still talking shit about me, but he says he wants to be friends?! –2nd St & Ave A Overheard by: voidoid