Pretty 20-something girl: I might reconsider if there is a horse involved. –Manhattan Beach Overheard by: The Tutors Girl to friend: Look at sociology. Look at the animals. That totally explains it. It is just like the animals, sociology explains everything. –West 4th & Washington Square Park Overheard by: Darci Woman to man: Because I'd really like to understand what makes a good toreador and what makes a bad toreador. –70th St & 3rd Ave Overheard by: Lisa B. Girl who was just handed an anti-bird-porn flyer: I have never even seen birds mating. Now I am intrigued. –Hair Rush Line Central Park Overheard by: Krysta Pet store clerk to customer: I don't know what flavor it is. It's turtle food. It's what they eat. –Flushing Petland Discount Park janitor to pigeons: I need all's you guys to be flappin' yo' wings and help me be cleanin' up these leaves. (pigeons coo, janitor starts cooing with them) –Clinton & Congress, Brooklyn Overheard by: Was a good impression