Woman to security guard: Excuse me, did you see a man with a really large package? I'm looking for a man with a large package. Did he come by yet? –51st St & 6th Ave Overheard by: Rob LIRR worker, yelling over tracks to another who is carrying huge bolt fastener: Hey! Nice nuts! –Woodside Station Overheard by: Jobee Lab instructor, showing students how to breathe carbon dioxide by blowing into the test tube through a straw: Don't blow too hard, or else the whole thing will come up all over your face. –Biology Lab, Hunter College Overheard by: did anyone else catch that? Very old woman to decorative hardware salesman: It's become such a problem–I just can't seem to keep my knobs tight anymore! –Gracious Home, 67th St & Broadway Mother waiting for kid in the bathroom: Billy, will you stop singing and just come? –Waiting Room, Grand Central