Crotchety old Jewish lady, passing Palm Sunday parade: Easter is for amateurs. –W 72nd St & Broadway Overheard by: Naomi Choy Smith Little old lady looking down steep basement stairway: Wow…I wouldn't want to be drunk going down those stairs! –Broome & Essex Old guy: I'm going out for a smoke. If you see someone take this jacket, shoot to kill. –Starbucks Old man with beard, hunched over walker, watching couple holding hands: You two been doin' the nasty, ain't ya? –27th & Broadway Old black lady in wheelchair: I mean, what was he gonna do with a dead body? –Bowery Overheard by: Lauren Very old man to another, in thick New York accent: Ya gotta take it…and put it on ya rectum like this. (demonstrates with hand gesture) –53rd St & 10th Ave Elderly gentleman to another: From now on, you will obey me! –Carnegie Hall