Black dude to friend: Well, check this out my nig­ga! Crack­ing your knuck­les does not lead to arthri­tis… Myth­busters, my nig­ga!

–Park Slope

Black pimp on cell: That nig­ger ain’t even give you a lit­tle nig­ga ba­by. All that nig­ga ever do is just fuck you and leave your ass, bitch. You got a child yo­self, take care of your re­al nig­ga ba­by, be­cause that’s the nig­ga who keeps with you. That nig­ga won’t fuck any oth­er sluts. (no­tices every­body’s star­ing at him) What the fuck y’all nig­gas lookin at?

–So­cial Se­cu­ri­ty Of­fice, East Vil­lage

Would-be fem­i­nist: Pussy don’t have no pow­er no more, be­cause if it did, nig­gas would­n’t be doin’ what they do.

–Jef­fer­son Ave & Throop Ave, Brook­lyn

Over­heard by: Jo­cas­ta Spell

Pol­ish woman, walk­ing up to group of ghet­to fabs: Yo’ wut up, my nig­gas? (pounds fist with ghet­to fab guy)

–De­lan­cy St

Over­heard by: Kirkegaard

Crazy black man on phone: When you talk like that I’m gonna call you the N‑word! (pause) Don’t talk like that! (pause) I want to have sex with you.

–Mur­ray Hill