Young queer on cell, laugh­ing: I mean, what is he go­ing to black­mail me with?

–9th & 47th

Over­heard by: won­der­ing

Old­er queer to boyfriend: There’s noth­ing like lis­ten­ing to Bach af­ter hav­ing sex!

–W 72nd St, Record Store

Over­heard by: I’ll have to try that some­time…

(40-some­thing gay guy is look­ing through a clear­ance rack of mis­matched out­er­wear un­der sign that reads “Big and tall ac­tive bot­toms”)
60-some­thing gay guy, yelling: Good luck, dahling, you’re in the wrong sec­tion. Find where the big des­per­ate bot­toms are and try that!

–KMart, Penn Sta­tion

Over­heard by: RoverUSA

Gay black man to whim­per­ing tod­dler held by moth­er: Don’t even start with me… Thank the Lord you ain’t my kid.

–M15 Bus

Young, good look­ing gay guy to much old­er ug­ly boyfriend: My ex-boyfriend al­ways bought me presents…

–86th St & Lex­ing­ton