Crazy man in top hat and scarf, singing: It's gonna be the best, best, best, best, best day ever!

–8th Ave

Overheard by: Lauren

Delivery guy pushing trolley, singing to self: Push it, push it real good.

–4th St & Lafayette

Guy trying to pass out his demo CD, singing: Swinger / song-biter!


Homeless singer, curtailing lyrics to his mostly Hispanic audience: You might wake up in the morning… And find a chupacabra sittin' on yo' heh eh ead! (now speaking) Anybody got a dollar?

–A Train

Well-dressed black guy, singing up and down train crowded with hipsters: Ain't no such thing as stress when your parents are paying your rent! It's hard work looking so cool, but it don't matter 'cause daddy done paid for school. Ain't no such thing as stress! Don't worry about your rent! Drinking PBR, working on your art, talking 'bout resent. If don't matter if daddy's paying the rent!

–L Train