Mom to three-year old son stepping in a puddle of bright green liquid: It's best to avoid liquids of that color, darling.

–187th & Cabrini

Overheard by: Faith

Man to woman, sighing: I don't know… There's something about green that's more than just blue and yellow… But I don't necessarily feel that there's anything about teal that's more than just blue and yellow.

–Dodge Hall, Arts Building at Columbia University

Woman: So, I heard a rumor that you like the color orange.

–Rockefeller Center

Lady yelling into the phone: She said the dick is round! (pause, then quietly) Was it blue?

–Hudson St & Spring St

Overheard by: Not round. Or blue.

Hobo asking for money from two college girls: Hey, you got some change? Oh, you are going to ignore me? Well, lady in green: you're so mean. Girl in black… you'll be back!

–Greenwhich Ave & Jane St

Overheard by: De