Mom to son in power chair: Just hurry up and pee, no-one's lookin. Plus, you in the corner… (now yelling) Hurry up, I gotsta sit down, I've been walkin all day while you been sittin down.

–32nd & 8th

Overheard by: Rick

Man to gaggle of laughing women: So I hit the dog in the head with my bag. I was like, "this is a sidewalk, not a dog walk!" and my bag was heavy!

–Carmine St

Girl on phone: They be walkin' like a… like a trannsexual! (friend slaps her) I be serious! That's how they walk!

–St. Marks b/w 1st & Ave A

Girl to friend: Her vagina must smell, because she walks with her legs so close together.


Mother to 10-year-old boy strutting alongside: Stop it! Walk right! Walk right! This isn't the hood; it's Stuyvesant Town!

–Inside Stuyvesant Town

High school girl to a group of friends: I don't shake my ass when I walk! I just have a jiggly butt!

–Forest Hills