Lit­tle boy stab­bing bal­loon man with a bal­loon sword: Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!
Bal­loon man: Good­bye! Be good, every­one!
Lit­tle boy, still stab­bing: Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!

–Cen­tral Park

Over­heard by: Rick Fe­lice

Head­line by: Matthew


· “And if that does­n’t do it, I chal­lenge you to wa­ter pis­tols at dawn!” — Cyn­thia

· “Ex­cept you, kid. You go fuck your­self.” — Im­mac­u­latePiz­za

· “He Who Lives By The Bal­loon…” — Hobo Whis­per­er

· “You too, Bru­tus.” — Aeirlys

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