Snooty al­ter­na­tive chick: So, for some rea­son I al­ways get these creepy guys talk­ing to me on the train. This one guy on the ride over here looked over at my iPod and I was lis­ten­ing to The Fall, right? And he’s like, ‘That’s an in­ter­est­ing song. It’s like punk, right?’ And so then he pulls out his iPod and starts try­ing to im­press me with his shit­ty mu­sic list.
Al­ter­na­tive guy: What was on it?
Snooty al­ter­na­tive chick: Blink 182 and Good Char­lotte and stuff… And it’s like, ‘Um, you’re a guy on the N train who start­ed talk­ing to me, you’re not gonna get in my pants… And you’re es­pe­cial­ly not gonna get in my pants if you don’t know who The Fall are! That’s to­tal­ly a pre­req­ui­site.’

–Kim’s Video, St. Mark’s Pl