Teen boy: I was laughing ’cause this girl had no legs…

–175th & Ft. Washington

Latina on cell: Who died? Anna? How!? Hahaha! Finally.

–Jefferson & Wyckoff, Ridgewood

Dude: And she’s mad at me, ’cause I, like, kept telling her she sucked last week.

–Hunter College High School

Overheard by: i would be too

Blonde lady: I mean, it was only fun to tease the homeless woman for so long.

–1 train

Overheard by: Ein Ladle

Suit on Blackberry: I don’t give a fuck about other countries. To be honest, I only really give a fuck about myself. Starving black kids, welfare moms… Fuckin’ A! What gives?

–12th & 4th

Overheard by: Galen

Chick: I really wish he’d lost his whole finger — that’s what he deserves.

–Whole Foods salad bar, Time Warner Center