Thug: So, if I’m half black and half Amer­i­can In­di­an, that makes me Puer­to Ri­co.
Thugette: I told you that you was Puer­to Ri­can.

–149th & 3rd, Bronx

Head­line by: Mariya


· “Ac­tu­al­ly, it makes you un­em­ployed” — Mr. Bone

· “Bitch, don’t be call­in’ me no ad­jec­ti­val form!” — was “rico”/“rican” the first thing you no­ticed too?

· “Do­ra the Ex­plor­er: South Bronx Edi­tion” — Scott

· “Runs With Hook­ers did­n’t ex­cel in Eth­nic Stud­ies” — bri b

· “The new the­o­ry of rel­a­tiv­i­ty” — sara swank

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