Spunky gay boy: It’s not like I go into the bathroom to nap… But when you’re pooping it’s just, you know, relaxing, and when I start to read on the pot I’m like Pavlov’s dog and I get sleepy!
Skeptical fag hag: That’s no excuse for falling asleep naked on my toilet bowl.
Spunky gay boy: Right.

–C train, Hoyt-Schermerhorn St

Headline by: Gold StaR

· “But Thanks For The Highest Rated Youtube Hidden Cam Video.” — Veronica
· “I’m Surprised You Can Do It Away from the Home…I Thought Your People Were Like Cats.” — ImmaculatePizza
· “Pavlov’s Log” — Brian G
· “Ring, Ring. Plop, Plop” — Chris
· “The Roofies I Gave You, Now THAT’s an Excuse.” — Duncan Pflaster
· “Then Whats Your Excuse for Doing It on Mine?” — Lezbotron

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