Hobo: Let me sit in your lap and belch like a naughty girl!
Young man: Okay, now I’m freaked out.

–23rd & 6th

Over­heard by: Zed

Head­line by: tab

· “But That’s Just The Acid. Have A Seat!” — Lalaith
· “But Not Suf­fi­cient­ly So to De­cline Your Gen­er­ous Of­fer” — andy
· “Dad, Im Get­ting to Old for That!!” — not again!
· “Go Home, Brit­ney.” — EKC
· “It Sucks to Be New York San­ta” — aileen
· “Please Go Back to Hump­ing My Leg.” — Den­nis
· “The Fairy God Hobo Can Make All Your Dreams Come True…” — Uu­largh of the Prairie

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