Chick #1: I al­ways use Equal.
Chick #2: Why?
Chick #1: Well, I like to think of Equal as the wom­en’s lib of sweet­en­er.
Chick #2: So… What does that make Sweet­’N Low? The pre-lib? Fem­i­nine mys­tique?
Chick #1: Yeah… Just look at it — pink and pret­ty, sweet, and bowed low. C’­mon. It’s like, ‘Hey, ladies, be sweet and pink for your man — use Sweet­’N Low and stay in shape and he’ll love you more!’ Then there’s Equal — it’s blue, it’s bold, it de­mands at­ten­tion. It says, ‘Yeah, we’re an ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­er, mar­ket­ed to­wards women, but we’re equal!‘
Chick #2: Um… Okay, so what does that make Splen­da?
Chick #1: I guess post-lib fem­i­nism?
Chick #2: Uh, I don’t even know what that is…
Chick #1: Well, see, Splen­da’s in court now be­cause ap­par­ent­ly nei­ther does any­one else.
Chick #2: Wow… The his­to­ry of fem­i­nism, as in­ter­pret­ed by Deb­o­rah, through ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­er… I don’t think I was ready for that at eight in the morn­ing on a Thurs­day.
Chick #1: Yeah… But that was the on­ly time it was gonna hap­pen.

–71st & West End

Over­heard by: Pe­dro