Pro­fes­sor: Ob­vi­ous­ly, this was a very dif­fi­cult sound to pro­nounce. Not Latin, Greek, or even San­skrit us­es it. It does not oc­cur out­side of the pro­to-In­do-Eu­ro­pean lan­guage.
Stu­dent: Why did they use it?
Pro­fes­sor: They did­n’t.
Stu­dent: I mean the In­do-Eu­ro­peans — if it was so dif­fi­cult to pro­nounce, why would–
Pro­fes­sor, in­ter­rupt­ing: Why the hell does any­body do any­thing?!

–Et­y­mol­o­gy class, Hunter Col­lege