Girl #1: … And you went to Am­s­ter­dam?
Girl #2: Yeah, it was re­al­ly cool. We went to the Re­ichsmu­se­um, the Van Gogh Mu­se­um, the Red Light Dis­trict…
Girl #1: Did you go to the Anne Frank House?
Girl #2: Yeah, but we sort of did things back­wards that day… We went to the Heineken brew­ery and then to a cof­fee­house, so by the time we got to the Anne Frank House we were to­tal­ly drunk and high.
Girl #1: What?! You went to the Anne Frank House drunk?
Girl #2: No, it’s okay… We went to a con­cen­tra­tion camp while we were in Ger­many and saw all kinds of stuff about the war. By the time we got to Am­s­ter­dam, we were like, ‘Enough with the Nazis, al­ready!’

–11th & Uni­ver­si­ty

Over­heard by: I did the same thing when I was in Am­s­ter­dam