Blonde: At least if I die on the tram I won’t have to go to Dis­ney World.

–Tram from Roo­sevelt Is­land

Over­heard by: Lau­ra

Woman on cell: That’s kind of sur­re­al to go from Dis­ney­land to Sci­en­tol­o­gists.

–53rd & 5th

Mid­dle-aged nerd, point­ing to the Cy­clone: I’ve rid­den it over a hun­dred times, and every time the whole time I’m like this [puts both arms up over head]. It’s con­sid­ered, you know, the cool, fun way to ride if you can do it the whole time. Most peo­ple can’t.

–Coney Is­land

Over­heard by: Ace Mon­tana

Old guy to two oth­ers: Over there is Brook­lyn. Coney Is­land is there. It’s just like a Span­ish Dis­ney World.

–Van­dam St & 6th Ave

Over­heard by: Katie Dear­est

Queer: So last night, me and my friend were be­ing all cat­ty and talk­ing about our friend who got a re­al­ly good job… I was re­al­ly jeal­ous and pissed, but then I re­al­ized — she may have an awe­some job, but she’s nev­er been to Dis­ney World. Then I felt bet­ter about the whole sit­u­a­tion.


Over­heard by: Does Six Flags count?