Lit­tle boy: Do you have 25 cents?
Old­er sis­ter: What? No… You don’t need a tam­pon.
Lit­tle boy: No, I want a nap­kin.
Old­er sis­ter: You don’t need those, ei­ther.
Lit­tle boy: I want a nap­kin for my face! [Reads off dis­penser] See? Nap-kin.
Old­er sis­ter: Those aren’t nap­kins like we use at the ta­ble. They’re… um… y’­know, ladies’ things, like Mom­my us­es.
Lit­tle boy: Ohhh…

–Ladies’ room, Home De­pot, Bed-Stuy

Over­heard by: Pip­pa