Hipster: Life is so… boring to me.

–Outside trendy hipster bar

Overheard by: J. Corner

Headline by: RL

· “God: Well, You See Jesus, I’m Kinda Glad You Said That Because…” – Sizzle
· “Obviously Hasn’t Tried the New “Coke Zero”” – Leary Blaine
· “That’s Why God Invented Firearms” – astanhope
· “The Sun Is Hot, Water Is Wet, And, Somewhere, a Hipster Is Bored. More at Eleven.” – map
· “Those Skinny Jeans Will Suffocate You Soon Enough” – Mowgli Allagash
· “Who Ordered the Ennui and Tonic?” – brian brinegar
· “You’re Not Exactly a Fireworks Extravaganza Yourself” – Katie Darling

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