Hip­ster: Life is so… bor­ing to me.

–Out­side trendy hip­ster bar

Over­heard by: J. Cor­ner

Head­line by: RL

· “God: Well, You See Je­sus, I’m Kin­da Glad You Said That Be­cause…” — Siz­zle
· “Ob­vi­ous­ly Has­n’t Tried the New “Coke Ze­ro”” — Leary Blaine
· “That’s Why God In­vent­ed Firearms” — as­tan­hope
· “The Sun Is Hot, Wa­ter Is Wet, And, Some­where, a Hip­ster Is Bored. More at Eleven.” — map
· “Those Skin­ny Jeans Will Suf­fo­cate You Soon Enough” — Mowgli Al­la­gash
· “Who Or­dered the En­nui and Ton­ic?” — bri­an brine­gar
· “You’re Not Ex­act­ly a Fire­works Ex­trav­a­gan­za Your­self” — Katie Dar­ling

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