Large black guy #1: Wait, you don’t have your per­mit yet?
Large black guy #2: Nig­ga, that ain’t my fault. You know I can dri­ve, but the writ­ten test fucked me up.
Large black guy #1: I thought you said it was the eas­i­est shit ever.
Large black guy #2: No, it is. I took it in five min­utes. But the last ques­tion was “if there’s an am­bu­lance, a fire truck and a mail truck be­hind you, who do you let by first?“
Large black guy #1: That’s easy. It’s the -
Large black guy #2: Lemme fin­ish. So I put the am­bu­lance right, be­cause some nig­ga be dy­ing back there. But it turns out the an­swer is the postal truck be­cause it’s fed­er­al prop­er­ty and you can’t mess with the feds.
Large black guy #1: That’s some stu­pid shit right there. Some nig­ga be dy­ing in the back. Stu­pid feds. You know, the po­lice can get you now for say­ing the n‑word? They can give you a tick­et and shit.
Large black guy #2: That ain’t right, nig­ga. I’m black and I will act ac­cord­ing­ly.

–2 Train