Home­less man: Eliot Spitzer for Pres­i­dent!… Make the White House the whore­house!

–Bat­tery Park

NYU guy: So my friend who works for Eliot Spitzer called me the oth­er day and asked me to ask his room­mate to delete all his emails. He did­n’t say why, but then about two hours lat­er I found out about the whole pros­ti­tute thing… And now I’m a lit­tle wor­ried.

–NYU Bus

Am­NY news­pa­per guy, hand­ing out pa­pers with Eliot Spitzer’s pic­ture on the front page: $80,000 for a ho, and we can’t get a raise!

–Out­side 33rd St Sta­tion, 33rd & Park

Crazy guy, speed­ing on a bi­cy­cle through a crowd: Don’t even think about it peo­ple! I got­ta make a par­ty at Spitzer’s in ten min­utes!

–43rd & Lex­ing­ton

Over­heard by: Dan J

Old la­dy: Why, if I were young like you, I could be a call-girl to scum-of-the-earth Spitzer!

–Laun­dro­mat, 34th St, Long Is­land City