Crazy church la­dy in­to mi­cro­phone: There are no drugs, sex, or rock n’ roll in hell. Re­pent and have your fill in heav­en.

–42nd & 6th Sub­way Sta­tion

Over­heard by: Tony

Train “preach­er” hold­ing his bible: Adam was the first black man! And Eve was the first white woman! And Adam sinned and got them kicked out of the Gar­den of Eden. Then they had a whole lot of brown ba­bies! But they set the stage for black men and white women. That’s why you have Barack Oba­ma and Hillary Clin­ton run­ning for Pres­i­dent to­day! It’s in the bible!

–2 Train

Preach­er: We’ve got a lot of tourists here to­day and we know why you came ‑you want to see a black gospel church. And that’s okay, that’s okay! That’s what we are. And you know, some of our mem­bers, they do it tough. Why, they come from such rough neigh­bour­hoods as Con­necti­cut and up­state New York …

–Abyssin­ian Bap­tist Church, Harlem

Bible thumper: You need a tick­et to get on the heav­en-bound train! And the tick­et is Je­sus Christ.

–3 Train

Street preach­er: … And what is good for the goose is good for the gan­der! And what is a gan­der, any­way?

–St Mark’s Place

Over­heard by: EthanK