Cus­tomer: How much are mon­ey or­ders here?
Teller: Well, I see that you are over the age of fifty so it’ll be free for you.
Cus­tomer: Ok, so can I have a mon­ey or­der for $260?
Teller: Ok, so do you want to pay that in cash or with­draw from your ac­count?
Cus­tomer: Ex­cuse me?
Teller: How do you want to pro­vide the funds for the mon­ey or­der?
Cus­tomer: I thought you said it was free.
Teller: There is no fee for the mon­ey or­der but you still need to pro­vide the funds for it.
Cus­tomer: Oh, well you should have made that clear.
Teller: Wow, I’m sor­ry.

–Com­merce Bank, Jack­son Heights

Over­heard by: E