Twen­tysome­thing woman to friends: Yeah, I was think­ing I should re­al­ly google my­self too, so I can fi­nal­ly like…
Friend: See what you do?
Twen­tysome­thing woman: Yeah!

–122nd, be­tween Broad­way and Am­s­ter­dam

Over­heard by: amarg

Head­line by: Del

· “Deb­bie From Dal­las Will Be in For a Shock…” — Bare­Naked­La­dy
· “Google: Solv­ing Ex­is­ten­tial Crises Since 1998” — Ely Hen­ry
· “Put a Tow­el Down First” — Kevin P
· “Sta­cy Finds Out What All Those Lit­tle Blink­ing Red Lights in Her Boyfriend’s Bed­room Were All About.” — danielle
· “Van­i­ty, Thy Name Is Google!” — fester60613

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