Prep­py girl: I re­al­ly loved that movie. I thought it was tit­il­lat­ing… And not just be­cause there was cock and balls. I don’t care about that.

–Third Av­enue

Guy to self: Broke­back moun­tain… Star­ring Hillary Clin­ton!

–Her­ald Square Sub­way Sta­tion

Over­heard by: Worst Movie Ever

Doofette: I mean like I know it got the Os­car and all, but I thought “No Coun­try for Old Men” was pret­ty bor­ing. I have to ad­mit though the chore­og­ra­phy was amaz­ing.


Thug, ped­dling pile of DVDs: Ghet­to Block­buster! I am your ghet­to Block­buster! I got movies, CDs, porno. [An­oth­er group of cus­tomers walks in.] I got that ac­tion, com­e­dy, ro­mance and I got that pussy! I am your friend­ly neigh­bor­hood ghet­to Block­buster.

–24 Hour Mc­Don­alds, Wa­ter & Moore

Over­heard by: BigKahuna&BigRed

Creepy hip­ster: You’d think you can’t have sex to “Si­lence of the Lambs”…

–Huron St, Green­point

Over­heard by: sweetchuck

Dude on cell: If you like mur­der, you’re gonna love this movie!

–48 Bus