Skin­ny, at­trac­tive 20-some­thing: Yeah, that’s to­tal­ly my plan: Get com­plete­ly smashed every night, eat tons of eggs, then barf them all up.

–E. 84th b/w 1st & York

Over­heard by: Holds her Liquor (and her eggs)

Woman in bus on cell: George? George, you there? Oh okay, I’m on my way to the shrink’s of­fice so I can on­ly talk for a lit­tle while. Oh no, I’m still not feel­ing bet­ter, I was up all night vom­it­ing like crazy and I’m still ridicu­lous­ly gassy. Good lord, I should go to a doc­tor be­cause I al­so have con­stant di­ar­rhea. Oh George…

–M66 Bus

Over­heard by: Stephanie

Drunk guy: It was in­cred­i­ble. He puked and then he just dis­ap­peared. I’ve nev­er seen any­thing like it. He was like the Criss An­gel of puk­ing.

–Out­side Lom­bardi’s

Over­heard by: Rich

Girl stum­bling back from the bath­room: You guys, we have to leave be­cause I threw up all over the floor and some­one saw me.


NYU un­der­grad: So we were go­ing to have an in­ter­ven­tion for her, but when we went to her room, she was­n’t there. So in­stead we wrote on her lap­top, “I’m a douche, I drink too much and throw up.”

–8th & Uni­ver­si­ty