Hip­ster on cell: Drunk di­al­ing is the new black. Fuck you. Hap­py new year.

–House Par­ty, Lorimer St

Over­heard by: con­fab­u­la­tion Na­tion

Red­head to friend: I swear we al­ways have or­ange an­i­mals and they’re all called Re­nae.

–Cen­tral Park

Woman to man: There are many things to be sad about. The col­or of mon­ey be­ing green is­n’t one of them.

–90th & 1st

Over­heard by: Sam

Sad suit: Their yo­gurt is just too white.

–Out­side Pinkber­ry in Ko­re­atown

Girl: Yeah, my pubes are pink.

–B1 Bus

Over­heard by: Robert

Mid­dle aged gay man: Al­right! I like col­ored pens! There, I said it.

–42nd St