Guy: Hey, do they have ve­g­an food here?
Girl: No, you have to rip the meat apart with your bare hands and then fuck some bitch­es.

–NYU Din­ing Hall

Head­line by: Spazzy

· “Af­ter Din­ner, We In­vade the Ro­man Em­pire” — bills­burg boy
· “And Then You Lose Your Ve­g­an­i­ty…” — Stick
· “Most Ag­gres­sive Lunch Lady–Ever” — #5 in line
· “NYU Al­so Pro­vides Us with Spears and Roofies.” — presents
· “NYU’s New Wild­ly Pop­u­lar Cave­man Din­ing Unit” — Naked Lunch
· “Un­less You’re Patrick Bate­man and Want to Re­verse Those” — KateNony­mous
· “We’re All Les­bian Cave­girls in Col­lege” — Dar­i­clone

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