(Irish ser­vice el­e­va­tor op­er­a­tor is show­ing new guy the ropes, de­liv­ery Thug walks in)
Op­er­a­tor, with Irish brogue: What’s up?
Thug: 11 C, man. (thug looks at the new guy)
Thug: You new man? Yo, I got­ta ask you a ques­tion, do you drink beer?
New guy: Yup.
Thug: You drink Guin­ness?
New guy: Yeah, some­times.
Thug: Al­right, I got­ta know, is the Guin­ness here dif­fer­ent from the Guin­ness back home?
New guy: I am a Long Is­land Jew.
Thug: Shit, for re­al? I thought every­body who worked here was from Ire­land.
(thug gets off the el­e­va­tor to make de­liv­ery)
Op­er­a­tor: You should’ve asked him if it’s dif­fer­ent buy­ing food in a su­per­mar­ket in­stead of hav­ing to chase and kill it with a spear.

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