Yup­pie on cell (try­ing to be dis­creet): Hey mom. Are you busy? Could you Google Maps me? I’m on Hous­ton and West Broad­way. Yeah, I did­n’t want to ask any­one for di­rec­tions and make a fool of my­self. Al­though I’m pret­ty sure I just did, be­cause half of this cof­fee shop is look­ing at me now.

–W Hous­ton

Over­heard by: Let’s face it, we were all new at one point.

40-some­thing yup­pie woman: And then I re­al­ized that my biggest prob­lem in life is that most of the time I’m in­cred­i­bly hap­py, but I’m not aware of how hap­py I am.

–81st & Madi­son

Yup­pie dad to sev­en-year-old daugh­ter: Now when you start buy­ing iPods, that’s when you’re go­ing to want to have a Visa card.

–Stan­ton & Christie

Over­heard by: Ross

Three-year-old yup­pie spawn: Noooooooooooo! I don’t want Pad Thai! I want sushi!

–Dice Thai, Prospect Park

Over­heard by: I’ll take sushi too but you’re payin’, kid