JAP on cell: If more peo­ple wore glit­ter there would no war.

–Ther­a­py Store

Crazy old guy: I want a dog for pres­i­dent. You know why? Dogs don’t start wars.

–31St & Dit­mars, As­to­ria

Over­heard by: Ran­di and Patrick

(at an an­ti-war ral­ly)
Street ven­dor: Say no to war, say yes to Louis Vuit­ton!


Over­heard by: Oh the irony

50-some­thing guy on cell: You see, we are a mil­i­tary agency, not a gov­ern­ment agency. (pause) So when I punched out that Home­land Se­cu­ri­ty guy, I punched out a civil­ian.

–Union Square Park

Over­heard by: Kse­nia

Eight-year-old boy: I dare you to fight in the civ­il war!

–7 Train