Dude #1: Oh, The Spi­der­wick Chron­i­cles is out!
Dude #2 (in awe): Dude, did you see that?
Dude #1: Yeah, it was amaz­ing!
Dude #2: Yeah? How were the graph­ics?
Dude #1: Dude–amazing!
Dude #2: Dude–you have braces!
Dude #1: Yeah, dude, I told you. God!


Over­heard by: bri­an­fair

Head­line by: mike

· “And the Win­ner for Youngest Bro Of the Week Goes To.…” — jump­stop
· “Ash­ton Kutch­er Needs to Stop Pro­duc­ing Re­al­i­ty TV” — D. Em­my
· “Even Siskel & Ebert Had to Start Some­where.” — space coy­ote
· “Life Im­i­tates Ash­ton Kutch­er Films…” — Du­u­ude
· “Some­one’s Get­ting Laid Tonight!” — lisa

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