Gay man: Now that every­thing is les­bian, bi and trans­gen­der, I don’t know if I can lead the com­mit­tee any­more, ’cause I’ve got my gay male priv­i­lege.

–W 13th St

Man with clip­board: Do you have a mo­ment for gay rights? (si­lence) C’­mon, help sup­port the peo­ple that made your clothes!

–10th St & 5th Ave

Over­heard by: You mean 10-year olds in Hon­duras?

Thug teenage dad, about ba­by star­ing at ef­fem­i­nate Asian man: Oh shit, she’s al­ready got her gay­dar on.

–4 Train

Chick to friends: I would be like the slut­ti­est gay guy and it would be to­tal­ly awe­some.

–Christo­pher St

Man: …and you know there are a ton of gays who have no prob­lem tak­ing it straight up the ass.

–Times Square

11-year-old thug­gish boy: No ho­mo, but he looks bet­ter than his sis­ter.

–Bronx Play­ground

Black guy: I’m gay! I’m proud! I’m in the front seat! I’m gay! I’m proud! I’m in the front seat! I love guys!

–Union St & 8th Ave, Brook­lyn