Bus dri­ver: Good morn­ing pas­sen­gers! You may have heard re­cent­ly that bus dri­vers have been put on a di­et to make them nicer and more help­ful. Now this doc­tor has told me, “No more ba­con and eggs, but a nice bowl of oat­meal. Oh, and lots of wa­ter, fruit. And in­stead of stop­ping for some pork fried rice in the af­ter­noon, with chick­en wings, a nice piece of floun­der, maybe with some but­ter and herbs.” Now it’s been 15 days, and I am so much more po­lite to pas­sen­gers, say­ing “Good morn­ing. How do you do?” I’m even nicer to ma­ma when she gets home. Helpin’ her with her car­riage and bags; low­er­ing the bus for peo­ple at the curb. So I just want to thank you and let you know to bear with me for an­oth­er 15 days. Thank you and have a nice day.

–B61 Bus

Over­heard by: I should have eat­en break­fast