20-something grad student #1: You can’t sleep with her! Dude, she’s in high school!
20-something grad student #2: Dude, she’s 18!
20-something grad student #1: Dude…oh…well… Carry on!

–114th St & Broadway

Overheard by: S.W.

Headline by: S.T.

· “Bill Finally Accepted That Ted Would Be Having an Excellent Adventure Without Him” — lex
· “Dude, Her Myspace Page Wouldn’t Lie” — the trayster
· “Ethics Majors Cram for Their Final Exams.” — Sandy Paws
· “If She Can’t Get Into College, at Least College Can Get Into Her.” — Matthew N
· “Plus, There’s the Extra Money for Tutoring Her for the SATs” — Steve
· “Then Why Is She a Sophomore?” — Mikey

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