65-year-old la­dy, in biki­ni top and Daisy Duke shorts, with bel­ly hang­ing over: Of course I am bisexual…can’t you see the view?”

–49th St & 7th Ave

Over­heard by: NATE MATH­IS

Girl to guy: You can’t be bi­sex­u­al and mar­ried, John. That’s, like, il­le­gal!

–50th b/w 8th & 9th

Aus­tralian chic at bar: It’s weird though, he re­minds me so much of my ex-girl­friend.

–Mex­i­can Restaru­ant, Low­er East Side

Loud girl on cell: No, I did him, it was so good. (pause) Yeah, I fucked her too, she loved it.

–Hill­side & Edger­ton

Drunk les­bian: Why can’t you be a girl or at least have a re­al­ly big dick?

–Bow­ery Ball­room