50-some­thing Long Is­land woman, show­ing pic­tures of her dog while talk­ing non-stop about it: And this is Ci­ci wear­ing a hat, she usu­al­ly wears a hat when she goes out. And this is Ci­ci, very drunk…


Over­heard by: Adam Nathan

Guy on cell walk­ing a tiny poo­dle: Dude! The dog did it again. (pause) No, I swear, dude. The. Dog. Did. It. Again. (pause) Dude! This dog talks. Talks.

–Broad­way & 43rd St, As­to­ria

(lit­tle girl fin­ish­es pet­ting a stranger’s dog)
Girl’s moth­er: Now say “thank you” to its hu­man.

–Cen­tral Park Lawn

Hy­per tween school­girl: Hey mom, re­mem­ber when we brought the dog to the mall and he peed in a co­conut?

–La Pal­lette, 12th St

Guy to friend: I love her more than any­thing, but some­thing about the way her pup­py’s paws smell re­al­ly seal it.

–Rosa’s Piz­za, Penn Sta­tion

Over­heard by: Craig